Battle of Siblings (2016 – present)

History has seen many wars and battles. Some ended earlier, some stretched to years. Some were gruesome than the others. Some succesful in acheiving their targets, while others failed badly. We cannot talk about all of these here but we do have one to talk about. The ultimate, the commonest of the common, THE Battle of siblings.

It all started with the start of the PAINS and the chain of events took place that still echo in the once peaceful kingdom of Kirmanivile.

The Cause

King Z was the crowned king of kingdom of Kirmaniville. He had abundance of commodity “Attention”. The merry people of his kingdom were at his disposal at all times. Nothing he wished was ignored. But he was alone. Loneliness was eating him up and longingness for a companion thrived with the passage of time. Advisor R was saddened by this state of her king and thus she decided to arrange for a companion of her beloved king. Came into picture Commodore I. A galiant fighter with a go getter attitude and a charming personality that mesmerized the company. However, turn of events took place when commodore I not only gave company to king Z but also attracted attention from people of Kingdom Kirmaniville. In no time he became heartthrob of the nation and King Z started losing his charisma or atleast that is how King Z felt. Likewise his abundant commodity started depleting. King Z was not happy.

The First Combat

King Z’s most of the time was now spent on preparing strategies to isolate Commodore I. First step he took was banish the commodore from the Kingdom and its vicinity asking advisor R to take him back where he came from. This could not have done since people of his kingdom liked Com. I and king was likely to loose his fame if such a thing happened. Although people liked their king alot and he was their first favorite but they also liked the commodore but nothing they said was understood by the king and soon the competition turned into rivalry. King raged the battle on full base and not only against the commodore but any one who pleaded innocence of the commodore.

Many life threatening atempts were made on him, when those failed as people used to guard the commodore, king started the drought of commodity attention for its people. He stopped welfare work for his people and held the paperwork. Started poluting anywhere he could get his hands on. Although it was his own kingdom but he was so blinded by the hatred that he couldn’t see the truth. However, his people never stopped loving him. Commodore also empathized with him.

The melting of ice

The battle continued for 8 months but in the later half of it, king had started realizing in what good faith Advisor R had brought the companion for him and how his people and the commdore himself had loved him even when he was at the peak of hatred. He eventually created a soft corner for commodore who in return adored him and never left his side because he was so fond of his king. Soon they were the best companions in the area, INSEPERABLE.

The battle continues

Although king and commodore became the best of friends, king Z still remembers how people of his kingdom had gone against his will thus sometimes he creates scarcity of commodity so that his people learn their lesson. The battle continues but the enemy changed. His once lovely peaceful kingdom is often a battle ground till king’s fury lasts.

Efforts have been put to calm the king down and make him forget the harsh moments of his hatred movement. He had been asked to visit his favorite places in the area like grandmaville. A lovely town with friendly people always celebrating events. King enjoys the events and the company and his behavior is much better afterwards.

Nonetheless, people of Kirmaniville hope that some day their king would completely forget and be a merry man again.

Introducing the Diary of a cranky mom!

Dear World and all the lovely moms who have to put up with”daddy finger, daddy finger! Where are you”!

It is with immense pleasure and ofcourse *immense need to vent out* that I have decided to share my experiences of handling 2 kiddos (both boys) *for which I am grateful to Allah*.

One half of the mothers’ time is spent on worrying whether they are being good moms or not. The other half is spent on struggling with the tantrum- full world only to be exhausted, emotionally and physically, later on. However, something that we mostly miss out is the humorous aspect to it. I always find my self laughing afterwards on something like my son running naked around the house and me trying to catch him to put on clothes or he not wanting to go to the washroom even when its high time to go and my struggle to get off the clothes this time. *hilarious i tell u once the storm is over*.

It is amazing to see the mutual collaboration as well between the siblings at the time of tantrum. For instance, when my elder son who is 4 and half years decides to “BHhaaaaaaaannnnnnnn! I want that toy or mama don’t go to office today, i don’t want anything else but you” *check out the drama*, my lil one who is 10 months old also feel it is time to put in sound effects and SOME sound effects, he gives. *hmphh*. And what an orchestra they make together i tell you. Bhhhhhaaaannn oyyyyeennnnnn!

Putting on a pamper on my lil chipmunk is also a TASK.

“Put him on the bed-reach out for the pamper which he is reaching out for too- let him have it while u put on vaseline- then take it from him and he will start getting up to get the pamper- give him the vaseline- put on pamper- he will get up and start crawling – catch him from the edge of the bed- lay him down- hold from one hand and put pamper from other- give him powder bottle this time *more interesting than vaseline i tell u* – THERE… pamper is on- oh wait! Trouser is left * sighhhhhhhh*.”

1 min later status you are unable to straighten up. Your back HURTS! Someone help… ouchhh!

This is the daily routine, get up to go to office bit deal with crying preschooler and end up having your back broken. But everything seems humourous once their pretty smiles mesmerize you and you forget everything, only wanting to cuddle more.

Stay tuned for more adventures!